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The Insights People, the global leader in kids’, parents and family market intelligence, announced major feature upgrades for their award-winning data portal and the company celebrates successful start to 2020 as demand and usage of platforms soars to record levels.

The portal is updating with more than 3,000,000 data points every week by surveying more than 3,000 children from 9 countries every week, or more than 150,000 a year, providing dynamic and comprehensive insight into the attitudes, behaviour, and consumption of children.

Using current design patterns, the real-time portal was written in a modern, industry-standard PHP Framework called Laravel. The platform utilises custom-built, modular Vue.js components for interactive elements, enabling The Insights People team to rapidly develop new features.

The new exciting developments to its real-time award-winning portal which provides users with enhanced ability to view, filter, interrogate and analyse the data to their own specific requirements. The developments which include Global View, Side by Side Analysis, Search, and the ability to build a snapshot of a brand’s audience, have received universal praise from users across the industry.

Glynn Hayward, Creative Director Complete Control comments, 

“We find The Insights People portal really useful and the new developments are superb. This combined with the ability to speak to their expert team when we need support. And we also love how agile they are constantly updating the survey based on their knowledge and client feedback, meaning, for example, we can see how a new TV show is performing from its launch.”

The recent updates represent the start of an extensive period of innovation for the Manchester-based business, whose development team has significantly grown to a ten-strong team headed by CTO Dan Lucas and Chief Data & Information Officer Richard Craig, with the team in final beta testing of a predictive tool to predict future performance and trends, starting with the success of new films. 

Dan Lucas, Chief Technical Officer The Insights People comments,

“The portal is unique because it was designed from the ground up to gain real-time data with game-changing insights of the future, taking into account simplicity, friendly interface, and usability – something that traditional market intelligence companies lack. Today our portal has over 240,000,000 datapoints from 200,000+ surveys taken and the team is now focussed on building a series of intuitive tools based on our experience and client feedback to put unique insights to them into the hands of every client. “

Since the new features were added to the portal, The Insights People usage has risen significantly with more than 650 active users using the portal multiple times a week.

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