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Even at a young age, children have access to a vast amount of technology, providing them with the tools to control the content they consume. 41% of parents with children under 4 allow their children to use a tablet by themselves. There is a sharp increase in permission as a child grows older; 30% among under 6 months to 55% with 2-4 years.

With greater tech access comes greater freedom over content choices. Parents that allow their 2-4-year olds to use a tablet by themselves are 74% more likely than average to also allow their kids access to YouTube Kids.

When it comes to new technology, our data shows 1 in 5 parents are using Smarthome devices with their children, indicative of collaborative device usage spanning across more than the typical mobiles and tablets.

According to Kids Insights data, children as young as 5 are asking their smart speakers for help with their homework, indicative of how children’s device usage is encompassing significant areas of their lives.

Smart speakers are simple and intuitive to use, even for the youngest of children and are therefore changing the way they interact with and engage with content.


Our data suggests kids are empowered to choose the content they consume, there is growing debate around how much screen time is healthy for children.

With this debate happening in the media, it will likely mean that parents are more eager to monitor and manage screen use in the family. We have started to see that children are increasingly using their tablets for more educational purposes, including using learning apps (+3% in the last 3 months).

Platforms used by kids are listening to parental concerns around screen time, implementing tools allowing for parental control.

TikTok have introduced a ‘Family Safe Mode’ allowing parents to manage screen time and limit direct messages or turn them off completely.

Similarly, Facebook has expanded parental controls on its Messenger Kids app, intending to give parents more oversight and control over their kids’ chats.

Brands need to consider the ongoing debate around screen time, as parents seek to ensure their family screen time is under control and that it is not interfering with family life or children’s sleep.

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