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In the last issue of Nursery Today, we took a look how how children now have a significant influence when it comes to family purchasing decisions, and whilst they have the ability to influence all purchasing – right down to new cars and kitchen appliances – their influence lies mostly around kid-centric items. With the expansion of the kids’ eco-system and brands blurring the lines between more traditional forms of positioning and content, opportunities for licensing has exploded and sees no sign of slowing.

Kids can now not only watch their favourite program, but can have toys, clothes, stationery and cakes all relating to their favourite character. In a world where children are influencing decisions, how much is this impacting the licensed products their parents are purchasing for them? 

Our data shows that around nine in ten parents (88%) have purchased a product related to their child’s favourite character. This increases even further amongst parents of 2-4 year old children, with 95% buying licensed products. This demonstrates the huge appetite for licensed products, whether it’s the children or parents driving it.

Generally speaking, mums are more likely to be purchasing licensed products than dads. The exception to this is for computer games – twice as many dads (19%) than mums (9%) have purchased games related to favourite characters for their children. Not only does gender impact purchase decision but income too; the likelihood of parents buying books, or magazines & comics increases with income, while toys and clothes are most popular with parents earning below £25k.

Peppa Pig reportedly now has over 1,000 licensees, and the top purchases for Peppa Pig fans are toys (68%) and clothes (57%). Amongst parents of 2 to 4-year old Peppa Pig fans, 3 in 4 have bought toys related to their child’s favourite character. This is 22% higher than the number of parents buying toys related to PJ Masks (62%), another eOne property.

That said, by looking at our data we can see that IPs have different strength areas when selling licensed products. Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol for example, both appear in the top ten favourite characters of all children under 4, although are most popular with 2-4 year olds. Parents of children who say Chase or Marshall are their favourite characters are 38% more likely than average to have bought stickers (55%, vs 40% average), showing how the brand has made it its position to dominate that space.

Brands abilities to cross multiple spaces in kids’ eco-systems increases with longevity and allows brands to grow affinity with its audience. As well as maintaining her top spot as favourite character, Peppa Pig is still dominating the small screen 15 years after the show’s debut in 2004, and is the favourite show of 22% of 2-4 year olds – making it almost twice a popular as PAW Patrol, the closest competitor. 4.2% of parents report Peppa Pig as their child’s favourite YouTube channel, demonstrating how ubiquitous the brand has become in the preschool space and the possibility for other brands to have such success if it lands and connects to its target audience.

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