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Parents Insights, the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence resource on all things new parents in the UK, launch its latest set of in-depth insight-led reports that provide a comprehensive insight into the attitudes, behaviours and consumption on parents from those expecting through their journey of parenting babies, infants and pre-schoolers up to 4 years old. The reports are predominantly based on the results of surveying 2,500 parents between 1st August and 30th October 2019, though it also utilises data they have collected since February 2018.

The data explores some powerful insights with as many as 42% of Gen Z parents say that gender equality is the most pressing value to them.

In the children’s space, the push for inclusivity is being driven by Gen Z and Millennial parents, and brands are listening to their demands. Parents Insights study shows how brands such as Nike and Sport England are running campaigns on the empowerment of girls, encouraging confidence, creativity and positivity. 

Likewise, the toy sector has shown growth in gender diverse toys, with BMC introducing plastic army women, Hasbro releasing ‘Ms Monopoly’, and, in a move for both inclusivity and gender equality Mattel have released a line of gender-neutral dolls.

In line with this, according to Parents Insights data, parents who place the most value on gender equality are more likely to be influenced through social media (51%), indicating their exposure to gender balanced ads is influencing their family morals.

Parents Insights COO, Jenny Kieras commented: “Our latest data emphasizes the speed of change which is occurring. This generation of parents are like no other when it comes to their behaviour, consumption and how they are being influenced. Brands have an opportunity to reach this audience through social media by content that doesn’t discriminate between gender, but uplifts and empowers everyone. “

Parents Insights reports are based on the data collected via their statistically significant survey, put into context of broader trends then analysed via their team of expert researchers to provide actionable insights to brands and organisations looking to market to and engage with kids and families. Their methodology enables them to track the entire, inter-connected parents’ ecosystem, examining areas such as how parents spend their time, what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming.

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