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In the last issue of Nursery Today, we took a look how to engage Gen Z parents.

Parents Insights recently issued its latest reports, covering a broad spectrum of what’s happening in both the online and offline lives of parents, from expecting through to those raising babies and toddlers to age 4.  The report examines the developing relationship of families with technology through four parenting stages, as the family ecosystem continues to grow, becoming more complex and increasingly fragmented.

The research is predominantly based on the results of surveying 2,500 parents between May and July 2019, though also utilises data we have collected since February 2018.

Earlier we discussed how a new generation of Gen Z parents are being super-informed with limitless information available at their fingertips. Digital content plays critical role in their life…

That’s why, adapting content marketing strategies to the characteristics of a new generation of consumers allows businesses to increase their customer base.


Know who influences them

The number of parents using social media is on the rise with up to 96% of parents report using social media. Social media and YouTube more specifically can be a great place to find content to help tackle the challenges of parenthood. Bloggers and celebrities are clearly having a bigger influence on the lives of parents. There has been a 19% decrease in parents claiming they don’t follow any bloggers or celebrities.

Niche influencers are more authentic, and this leads to the generation of more conversions and the establishment of a better understanding with the audience. It would be a mistake to think that they engage only on Instagram. Today’s popular applications and channels, such as TikTok, Snapchat and eCommerce communities, allow you to take a fresh look at the role of opinion leaders and the mechanism of their influence.

To get to know more about current parenting influencers, we asked them which bloggers/celebs they follow on social media as some new and old names changed their ranking:

  1. First place goes to ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ with 40%, run by Sarah Turner. She shares every aspect of mum life on her Instagram and is also author of 2 best-selling books under her name. ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ extended her lead as the most popular blogger/celeb after 8% more parents started following this period.
  2. Second favourite influencer is Giovanna Fletcher (30%), a British author, presenter, actress, blogger and vlogger. Recently, she collaborated with Next to launch a bedding collection, with sets available for both adults and children. Her children’s bedding was designed to spark conversation and facilitate the telling of bedtime stories.
  3. ‘Hurrah for Gin’ is the 3rd most common answer with 16%. It is a real and humorous account of parenting young children that talks about ‘perfectly imperfect’ parents.
  4. Award winning blogger Emma Conway aka brummymummyof2 got 15%. Emma’s content covers a range of topics, from parenting, hauls, lifestyle and also travel. 
  5. ‘Who’s the Mummy‘ is the 5th in our list. Sally Whittle started her blog 10 years ago and its still taking top ranking within parents influencers.

Be friendly, kind and funny

When communicating with Gen-Z parents, it is important to remain natural, real and at the same time be able not only speak beautifully, but also listen carefully. If you manage to captivate them with your person, they will follow you and engage with your brand.

Two-way communication is not limited solely to online experience. Extend it to the offline environment, organise a seamless interaction experience, make it omni-channel. Omni-channel experience is a multi-channel approach to marketing, selling, and serving customers in a way that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out, and this is exactly the approach that works in the case of Gen-Z parents.

We’re offering brands an immerse planning meeting to illustrate how data and insights into the world of parenting can help inform advertising, content, licensing, product, marketing and sales planning for 2020.

 To download a complimentary Parents Insights report click below:



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