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In the last issue of Nursery Today, we spoke how young parents achieving mental wellbeing.

Parents Insights recently issued our latest reports, covering a broad spectrum of what’s happening in both the online and offline lives of parents, from expecting through to those raising babies and toddlers to age 4.  The reports investigate many different areas related to parents’ lives, including their health and wellbeing, and examining areas such as how parents spend their time, what they enjoy doing and what they are currently consuming – even what they are eating!

The research is predominantly based on the results of surveying 2,500 parents between May and July 2019, though also utilises data we have collected since February 2018.

Parents finding more time for their children

With time pressures from work, home and childcare, parents are facing increasing demands for their time. However, our data shows that despite these increasing demands they are setting aside more time for various leisure, entertainment and development activities undertaken with their children. Over the last 12 months, more parents are reading books, playing with toys, listening to music and attending baby/toddler groups with their children.

Half of parents with children aged 2-4 read books with their child, a 28% increase from 12 months ago, where just 4 in 10 did. Just under 3 in 10 parents go swimming with their toddlers (2-4 year olds) and 43% listen to music together (a 36% increase over the last 12 months). Over 1 in 10 parents also say they are doing baby yoga classes with their child together, though this does vary with income, with the wealthiest households (£100k+ income) twice as likely as the least wealthy to do so.

There is a perception that parents are struggling to find time to be with their children, but our data shows the time spent together increasing. We believe this may be because this generation of parents are increasingly aware of the effects of their mental wellbeing on the family dynamic and actively prioritise quality time for both themselves and as a family.

Mums emphasising the physical aspect of wellbeing

Since our last set of reports issued in May, we have seen an increase in mums taking up exercise classes and Yoga/Pilates. This suggests that recently mums have been taking a more active role in maintaining their health throughout their pregnancy. Exercise classes were most popular with mums under 25 – with a 75% increase in the number of mums this age taking part this period.

Younger Parents less likely to watch TV to relax

Generally speaking, as the parent gets older, the likelihood of them relaxing in a certain way increases. The most popular method of relaxing and unwinding is watching TV. 70% of parents aged 35 or older opt to watch TV when they wish to unwind, but for parents under 25, this changes dramatically, with fewer than half (45%) watching TV to relax. 

Parents aged between 25 and 34 lead the way in two instances: cinema and spa days. 36% of these parents like to visit the cinema to relax, compared to 34% of parents aged 35 and over. Almost 1 in 4 parents (23%) aged 25 to 34 like to have a spa day to relax.

Since P3 2018, there are 5% fewer parents watching TV to relax and unwind, but 15% more parents listening to music for this purpose, so there is a notable shift in the parenting landscape where relaxation and wellbeing choices are concerned.

This is just one of many ways in which we see the youngest parents ‘Gen Z’ behaving differently not only to their predecessors, millennials, but also to their own parents and is a clear example of how quickly customer profiles can shift, and not just with regards to increasing digitalisation and tech developments.

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