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Why is Click & Collect the perfect combination for this generation of parents?

 The popularity of Click & Collect services has risen so rapidly it now out-paces growth in online sales and is expected to rise by over 55% and be worth circa £9.6bn, by 2022.

It is good for businesses as it enables those with a strong presence on either side of the online/offline coin to quickly gain the benefits of the ‘other side’. Those with a strong presence in traditional bricks and mortar retail gain a much quicker footing in the online space and increase interaction with their audience. Those with a great online presence gain the benefits of allowing the customer to feel more comfortable making purchases as they can avoid the additional costs incurred via the delivery (and potential returns) fees so often associated with online purchasing.

The customer benefits from the convenience of having more options in the same place.

But why is this different to out of town retail parks?

 On the face of it, they tick the same box – more things available in a central location.

The difference, really, is the dedication of time required. And time is a very precious commodity for today’s busy parents.

The out of town model worked well in previous years, when the internet was less prevalent, and the online purchasing experience was still being refined. Then it was far more convenient to visit one location and be able to make purchases in a variety of categories. But it required the sole dedication of a big chunk of time. There was no opportunity to also cook the dinner or attend one of the kids’ football matches or avoid poor weather conditions. Additionally, younger generations are increasingly preferring to reside in urban spaces where everything is nearby. They don’t want to travel out of town if it can be found on their doorstep.

The internet changed that and made everything available to browse and purchase items all the time, any time.

Yet this fragmentation came with downsides that many consumers, especially Parents, want to avoid. The additional costs incurred is one. Waiting in for deliveries is another.

Our data also shows that for the most part, we still enjoy the in-store shopping experience and the option to peruse the goods and choose for ourselves. We like our bananas a certain amount of ripe or want to be sure of the exact fit of a new outfit.

By combining the best of online browsing and any-time purchasing, with the convenience of an accessible collection location the consumer will already be visiting, brands can significantly increase their appeal.

With partnerships such as Doddle and Debenhams recently announced, there are clearly some key shifts on the horizon.

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